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In our case, a shift to PC would have also meant changing out all of the machines and not just three — therefore, even more expensive. Naturally, the next thing is to compare price against the current 5K iMacs and Mac Pros. Of course, it also has the dual D GPUs. Note that we require 10GigE connectivity, which is built into the iMac Pros. It has more horsepower than the tricked-out iMac, so then it becomes a question of whether the cost difference is important to you for what you are getting.

Needless to say, Apple has a focus on the quality and fit-and-finish of its products. The iMac Pro is no exception. However, let me quibble a bit with a few things.

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First, the edges of the case and foot tend to be a bit sharp. Secondly, you get a wireless mouse and extended keyboard. Both have to be plugged in to charge. In the case of the mouse, the cable plugs in at the bottom, rendering it useless during charging. Truly a bad design. The wireless keyboard is the newer, flatter style, so you lose two USB ports that were on the previous plug-in extended keyboard.

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Personally, I prefer the features and feel of the previous keyboard, not to mention any scroll wheel mouse over the Magic Mouse. Of course, those are strictly items of personal taste. Previous Thunderbolt 2 ports have been problematic, because the cables easily disconnect. The USB-C connectors feel more snug, so hopefully we will find that to be an improvement. If you need to get to the back of the iMac or iMac Pro frequently, in order to plug in drives, dongles, etc.

Apple spends a lot of marketing hype on promoting their 5K Retina screens.

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Of course, if you use that setting, everything becomes extremely small on screen. Therefore, at the most useable settings, all of our workstations are set to the same resolution. Even if you scale the resolution up images and UI get smaller , you are going to end up adjusting the size of the application interface and viewer window. While you might see different viewer size percentage numbers between the machines, the effective size on screen will be the same. This is the equivalent of DPI dots per inch in print resolutions.

According to a Macworld article, iPhones from 4 to 5s had a pixel density of ppi pixels per inch , while iMacs have ppi. More pixels are applied to any given area on the screen, resulting in smoother text, smoother diagonal lines, and so on. Future-proofing and upgrades are the biggest negatives thrown at all-in-ones, particularly the iMac Pros. But is this really an issue? Plus, the thermal design of the iMac would make user upgrades difficult, unlike older mac Pro towers. Although I do know others who have upgraded Xeon models on their Mac Pro towers. Part of the dichotomy is buying what you can afford now and upgrading later, versus stretching a bit up front and then not needing to upgrade later.

My gut feeling is that Apple is pushing the latter approach. An argument can be made for either approach, but I really think that the vast majority of users — even professional users — never actually upgrade any of the internal hardware from that of the configuration as originally purchased. We ultimately purchased machines that were the core bump-up from the base configuration, feeling that this is the sweet spot and is currently available within the iMac Pro product line.

The timeline is then rendered out to a ProRes file. This tests the pure application without any media and codec variables. The faster the export time, the better. I have bolded the best results. Not only was it being encoded, but also scaled up to 4K in this process. I rendered from and to the desktop, to eliminate any variables from the QNAP system. Two noteworthy issues.

2013 Mac Pro vs iMac Pro - 3D Rendering & Thermals (Part 4)

The Compressor test was surprisingly slow on the Mac Pro. I actually ran the Compressor test twice, just to be certain about the slowness of the Mac Pro.

The AME version kicked in the fans on the iMac. This was a difficult test designed to break during unrendered playback. However, the new Mac Pro is looking to change that workflow. Introducing Apple Afterburner.

Mac vs PC for MoGraph | Part 2: What to Buy

Blaze through 8K video. Created to transform the workflow for film and video professionals, Afterburner allows you to go straight from camera to timeline and work natively with 4K and even 8K files from the start. No more time-consuming transcoding, storage overhead, or errors during output.

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How To Optimize MacPro?

Proxy workflows, RIP. With all of the processing power for high-quality content, Apple also saw the need for a high-quality and high dynamic range monitor to display all of it. This 32 inch XHDR 6K display provides a 1,, contrast ratio, and is super bright with up to 1, nits brightness and a consistent 1, nits. These monitors are expertly calibrated to the truest and most perfect color possible for your projects:. Pro Display XDR is optimized to more than meet the standards of creative professionals. Every display goes through our state-of-the-art color calibration. An algorithm then uses this information to determine the exact light intensity at which each LED should be modulated, in order to produce the best possible image.

With this advanced set of specs and features, the new Mac Pro is poised to become the workhorse machine amongst many creative professionals. For the first time in years, it feels as if Apple has truly made a machine with the creative professional in mind. By Tanner Shinnick.

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  • Video Editing Video Gear. The Power Tech writers have already begun comparing the performance and appearance of the new Mac Pro to that of a supercar.

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    Video Usage One of the most impressive features of the new Mac Pro for video creators is that it will essentially eliminate the need for proxy workflows. The Monitor With all of the processing power for high-quality content, Apple also saw the need for a high-quality and high dynamic range monitor to display all of it. These monitors are expertly calibrated to the truest and most perfect color possible for your projects: Pro Display XDR is optimized to more than meet the standards of creative professionals.

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