Angry whopper vs big mac

Leave this field empty. I must confess I believe this is my first BK Whopper ever! The real Burger King Angry Whopper… The first thing I smelt when I opened the box was the smell of that sickly sweet ketchup which had been drenched all over the patty and ingredients. Share This Post: You May Also Like. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. We lift the lid on the latest High Street offerings…. Hot or BBQ sauce would have made this a Whopper winner…. Yeah, it's true — the Big Mac Index is a thing. Of course, by now we all know the secret sauce is far from secret.

In , McDonald's executive chef Dan Coudreaut let slip the magic behind the legendary concoction in a public-relations video. It almost seems as if Burger King and Wendy's have gone through a "Freaky Friday"-style transformation here. Double angles pointing left Two angles facing left, which often indicate, "return to the beginning. I honestly can't even remember what a big mac taste like, but that's probably for the best.

  • What's the better fast food burger: Big Mac or Whopper?.
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I hate Whoppers because every time I get one it is ice cold and needs to be heated up in the microwave. And Burger Kings fries are terrible. When my wife and me went to the USA last summer, we ate a Baconator. That's a lot of bacon, mucho cheese, two patties, a bun and little else. It has calories!!!!!

Burger King Angry Whopper Price, Review, Calories & More!

What is a doner kebab? Too bad it'll be 2 weeks before I have one. Here is one of them, which is named iskender kebab: More information: They beat hamburgers any day ;. I look at the portions you guys get over there not to mention the health factor and gluttony comes to mind. There is a reason why you guys have so many morbidly obese http: For the life of me I cannot see how anyone can order a cup of coke that is 2 litres in size.

Thats the biggest bottles you get coke in over here. Think our take away is about ml cups.

What you don't know about Burger King's famous Whopper

The "Double-Double" from In 'n' Out is my only burger-related weakness. Not big on fast-food generally speaking. You need to watch it. I worked at a Burger King for a couple of years in High School. I then worked at a few non-fast-food restaurants through college, and Burger King was cleaner than any of them. Of course this is just one instance, so I can't speak for all Burger Kings. But people who avoid fast food because of cleanliness better not eat at any other restaurants either.

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I still like Whoppers. McDonalds not so much.

I'm vegan so neither. Nothing like a spicey bean burger with fresh lettuce, vegan cheese slice and peppers I work at McDonalds so my opinion might be a little biased. I prefer the chicken sandwiches from Wendy's or Arby's myself.

By the way, the poll really needs a "Yes please! I don't know if any of you have heard of it, but Five Guy's makes the best cheap burger I've ever had. If there's one near you, go for it! Man, I'm hungry!!!: I chose Big Mac in the poll though it has to be the special sauce--or the poppy seeds: D Never very fond of Wendy's hamburgers but might have to try there chicken sandwhiches, along with Arby's too the next time my friends go.

The (accidental) birth of the Whopper Jr.

A black bean burger slathered in barbecue sauce and cooked over a skillet is my favorite burger, but I don't eat fast food because I like to cook. I suddenly feel ill. I am having pork,asparagus,mushroom and aubergine terrine soon. I feel better again. Im Used to McDonalds being a place i only go to if Im hanging out with some friends and they want to eat there or what ever. Bigmacs is like eating a burger made from paper, flour, water and salt.

Burger King Angry Whopper

Had one yesterday btw. Not that i eat fastfood often. I prefer to eat something we can actually categorize as human Food. If you seriously think those little sticks at mcdonalds are fries, well, then you haven't eaten real fries. Yeah, you tell him. I preferred the days before McDonalds and other fast food invaded this country. People ate nice food back in those days and most women knew how to cook.

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Most women between 18 and 30 that I know seem to be pretty useless in the kitchen. They all make me feel sick after eating them. The only fast food burgers I can stomach are from Wendy's. Two whole beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame seed bun.

Can't stand the special sauce on the Big Mac. And I don't like the extra bit of bun stuck in the middle. I will start this post by being very hypocritcal. I hate all fast food and never eat it! I do however hate McDonalds and Burger King. The only fast food i'll eat is In 'n Out which atleast uses good quality ingredients and cooks them properly as in On a grill.

Or Taco Bell.

The birth of the Whopper

The feeling of my arteries slowly clogging as I devour them isn't the most fun experience in the world lol. It used to be, that McDonald's was a real treat to go to. Now, they have turned a "once in a while" food into a pretend health food food for everyday consumption. Nothing is the same.