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On the other hand, KFC is located in more than 20 African countries. This figure is more applicable than any other international fast food chain.

How The Economist's Big Mac Index has gobbled up the financial world | Metro News

Investors in the US may not need the Big Mac Index because there are other more reputable indices, such as the Consumer Price Index, but the Big Mac Index is a reliable unit of measurement, especially where official figures are not published or where figures are likely to be manipulated by the state. Experts, for example, believe that the Argentine government has been playing with the Consumer Price Index in order to make the inflation between and lighter than it is.

Investors can use the Big Mac Index for many different purposes. For example, they can use this index to determine whether a currency exchange rate is more than the market or less valuable. Similarly, investors can measure changes to see inflation rates and compare the figures with the official rates described. There are many countries in the list of "The Most Expensive Countries in the World" where people dream about.

But unfortunately, life in The Mediterranean identifies countries that have a coastline or cultural similarity.

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It consists of states such as Spain, Portugal, Italy, Animals in Danger of Extinction. Endangered animals are a few species of animal species that have been faced with extinction in the Countries Most Affected by Global Warming.

Thanks a lot, Tom. But in order to do that, I'd have to maintain a "server" machine on the external web.

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Since I don't have one of those servers, I just stick with simple ods html output, with maybe a few simple html href drilldowns. But perhaps I'll have to check on that, in the near future!

How does the new minimum wage compare to the rest of Europe?

When I was just out of college and looking for a job and place to live, my cost index was tied to a food staple that reflected my simple grocery needs: the price of a can of tuna fish. Now compare the prices with the obesity rate within each country.

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Is there an observable correlation between lower priced big macs and higher rates of obesity? That would be an interesting thing to observe.

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Big Mac as a single CP in an index is problematic because McDonald's business model is to surpress the price nearly to cost. The margin is in the Big drink purchased with it. In countries such as Sweden, Norway and Switzerland soda pop with the Big Mac may not be the habit, and consequently the model adapts to capture the consumer surplus as margin. A liter of petrol could substitute but it is heavily subsidized -- as is so many other goods like sugar, etc.

  1. UK workers can afford more Big Macs than almost all Europeans.
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  4. PPP conversion factor, GDP (LCU per international $).

What other items do you think would make interesting indexes to compare different countries or regions? How else might you analyze or graph this type of data in SAS?

How does the new minimum wage compare to the rest of Europe?

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