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The select and enter key move will come in so handy in renaming photos. Thank you so much.

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Very handy shortcuts, especially the one to switch between documents in the same application. I recently found a keyboard shortcut that I find very useful to work with List View in the Finder. Another great video, Gary! I have to rename files continuously and have always used the method of clicking on the file name a couple of times until I get the box showing it is correctable.

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Your tip is so much more user friendly. I also use preferences often through the day — see that em dash? You need to allow it access to control your mac.

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  • Maybe useful? All Rights Reserved. When looking for useful Mac keyboard shortcuts you'll come across the same ones over and over. Here are 10 that haven't gotten as much attention, but can seriously increase your productivity. Members Current visitors.

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    How to rename multiple files on your Mac

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    Rename photo keyboard shortcut on a mac.

    Thread starter ralf11 Start date May 2, I am in the Library module, on a mac, and the keyboard shortcut for Rename photo does not work. Adobe has a nice table posted that is incorrect Victoria Bampton Lightroom Queen Staff member. Premium Classic Member. Premium Cloud Member.

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    Hi Ralf, you can control that at an OS level. If you check it, F2 will work in Lightroom.