Hard reset mac mini 2011

Follow OSXDaily. How to Reset Mac to Factory Settings This guide walks through exactly how to reset and restore a Mac to original factory settings.

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You can review our privacy policy for additional information. I Accept Privacy Policy. You have made an exact copy of your drive to either restore the entire drive and its data to your new Mac, or pick and choose what specific data you want to move to your new Mac. To make the break up between you an your Mac as clean as possible, here are some key services you need to disable.

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How to Do an SMC and PRAM/NVRAM Reset on Your Mac

This will remove your Mac from the list of computers and devices authorized to download and play content purchased with your Apple ID. Of course, you will have to sign back in to iTunes on and reauthorize iTunes on each computer. The following steps will help you wipe the entire drive, and reinstall the operating system. This is where you shut down your computer, package it up with all the cables and any other accessories, and box it up for the new owner.

Great walkthrough, Terrance. I always forget to deauthorize iTunes but this time using your notes I finally remembered. Nice job.

Reset the SMC

I think I must be doing something wrong, I just have to be. Even all the way to the login screen gives me nothing, even after minutes of doing this. I so just want to get to the next step, any help? Had to find the disk, completed now. You beat me to the punch. Glad everything worked out.

One question — the buyer of my Air wants me to keep Microsoft Office on it. Is that possible? Thank you! Also, another question — would copying over my full HD, include all my iMessages too?

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  • MS Key is yours, you can do what you want with it. If you backup your computer to Apple Time Machine or clone the Hard Drive before wiping and selling it, it will save everything, including messages, and iTunes. Good point. Do you have instructions on how to get that cloned HD on my new computer?

    How to reset your Mac's NVRAM, PRAM, and SMC

    Also, do you recommend the 8gb RAM over 16gb, and vs. I also have a lot of music and photos, and am thinking of starting a blog. Error: This disk needs to be repaired using the Recovery HD. Restart your computer, holding down the Command key and the R key until you see the Apple logo. Try this alternative way explained at macworld.

    • Zap the NVRAM (or PRAM).
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    • Start you Mac while pressing the Option key in your Windows keyboard press the Alt key until the Startup Manager appears:. Select Disk Utility to repair your disk:. Note for other who come across this thread. I tried this with a bluetooth windows keyboard and the ALT key on the left side of the space bar worked for me.

      I did not press any other key.

      Mac Mini Stuck at Boot/Startup

      One more thing: it did not work when I did a soft restart; I had to power down, hold the ALT key, then power up the mini. For a mid Mac Mini using a bluetooth keyboard, what finally worked for me was the Windows-R key combo. I had to power off and unplug the Mac Mini then hold down the Alt key and start the Mini up that way and then it works.

      Mac OS X El Capitan – Performing Hard Reset (Factory Settings)

      Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Are there any other way to restart to recovery HD Ask Question.

      When backups aren't enough

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