How to test php on mac locally

Edit the file to make your installation a little closer to the one you use on our machines in UCC.

Set up localhost on macOS High Sierra (Apache, MySQL, and PHP 7) with SSL/HTTPS

In other words, for each of the following, find the left-hand side in your file and, if necessary, change the right-hand side to what you see below. Save the file and exit Notepad. Wait for the icon to turn from red to yellow and then to green. The above is adequate for an installation on your personal laptop or PC, especially since I recommended that you keep the server offline, so that external users cannot access it. If you are installing on a shared machine, or running online, then consult an authoratative source for information about secure configuration. Let's suppose you want to change this to Chrome.

Testing phpMyAdmin

In these two files, you must replace all occurrences of this:. Make sure that Automatically detect settings is not checked and that Bypass proxy server for local addresses is checked.

Before you begin

But be warned: I found this to be very temperamental! Your php.

The password for MySQL for the root user will be 'root'. If you work out how to successfully change this, send me instructions.

How to Set Up PHP, HTML & MySQL Development on Mac OS X

Leaving it as 'root' is OK. With the free version of MAMP, there is no option anyway of allowing external access. Edit the file to make your installation closer to the one you use on our machines in UCC. There is a lot of commented out information.

In This Guide:

In gedit, the lines you need to look at and possibly change should be highlighted in green. We will update configuration files to integrate php support in apache. Without this configuration, apache will not be able to process and execute php files. It means apache is not able to execute php code yet.

Solution #1

To configure apache with PHP, open httpd. If you want to install the latest version, you can still follow below tutorial. The installation process should remain the same. Double click on downloaded dmg file to start the installation. Note down the temporary password.

Installing Mamp and Running your php files in htdocs folder

We will use this later to create a new password for MySQL server. Once installation is finished, open System Preferences. Click on MySQL icon and a new dialog should open. You should be able to view the current status of MySQL server. We have downloaded phpMyAdmin 4.