Mac delete button doesnt work

I've tested this both in the Inbox folder and a sub folder. Out of interest I didn't know you could hold shift and hit the Delete button on the keyboard.

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I too, would like the ability to bypass the deleted items folder with some form of perm delete function, like the shift-delete that was available in the old view. Mark Billan is correct in his comment: Macs laptops don't have both a "del" key and a "backspace" key. If a message is highlighted being read , you should be able to hold down the shift button on the keyboard and click either the trash icon, or delete key on the keyboard, or right-click and select delete.

The resulting action would be to "permanently" delete, instead it currently only moves the highlighted message to the "Deleted Items" folder. I am using a Mac, where the standard keyboard has a button labeled Delete but it is actually a backspace key. This key works to permanently delete items in the older version, but doesn't seem to on the new version.

Mac Delete Button

The actual delete button seems to work equally well in both. Oh wait.

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  5. Hey everyone -- the functionality is still there! What happened to shift-delete? I hate having to clear out my "deleted mail" -- most SPAM and such I want to have a single keystroke to remove permanently.

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    Generally, these problems arise on Unix-based systems because of the wide variety of hardware and software involved. Backspace works in Insert mode e.

    How to Adjust Your Mac Keyboard

    There's also a bug in xterm at least v that may bring other users into the same backspace problem. If backspace doesn't work properly in insert mode, e. Your backspace key may be broken due to a bad mapping which has been loaded into Vim. You can check if there are any mappings set, and where they came from, like this:.

    The “End” button on a Mac Keyboard: Fn + Right Arrow

    If you want an even more authentic mapping for a malfunctioning Backspace key, try this function:. I got it to work on my system by creating a. I pressed backspace.