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Skip Unless Needless to say, you have to set a password for root. The root's password shall only be made available to the database administrator, not the regular users.


We have just set a password for root user and exited the client. Start a client and login as root again. Enter the password when prompted. For security reason, remove the anonymous user identified by an empty-string username as follows:. The superuser "root" is privileged, which is meant for database administration and is not meant for day-to-day usage.

We shall create a new user - let's call it " myuser " - with a lesser privilege. To create a new user, start a client with superuser " root ":. A MySQL server contains many databases aka schema.

A database consists of many tables. A table contains rows records and columns fields. Let's create a database called " studentdb ", and a table called " class " in the database. The table shall have three columns: Programmers don't use blank and special characters in names database names, table names, column names. It is either not supported, or will pose you many more challenges.

Before we proceed, here are some tips on using the client:. Read " Common Problems in Using the mysql Client ". In a bookstore, a book is written by one or more authors; an author may write zero or more books.

Installing MySQL on Windows

This is known as a many-to-many relationship. For example, if we organize the data in the table below, we will not know how many author columns to be used; and we need to repeat all the data for repeating authors. The many-to-many relationship between books and authors can be modeled with 3 tables, as shown below.

A books table contains data about books such as title and price ; an authors table contains data about the authors such as name and email. You can use the "mysqldump" utility program to back up the entire server all databases , selected databases, or selected tables of a database. The " mysqldump " program generates a SQL script that can later be executed to re-create the databases, tables and their rows. You can restore from the backup by running the " source " command in a MySQL client. For example, to restore the studentdb backup earlier:.

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Latest version tested: March, This practical can be completed in a 3-hour session. There are 4 rows in the table as follows: Strings are enclosed in single quotes. Case Sensitivity: SQL keywords, names identifiers , strings may or may not be case-sensitive, depending on the implementation.

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For clarity, I show the keywords in uppercase in this article. For programmers, it is BEST to treat the names identifiers and strings as case-sensitive. Case-sensitivity in string comparison depends on the collating sequence used?!

How to Install and Configure MySQL Server on macOS Mac OS X

Step 1: In "Select Platform", choose "Microsoft Windows". UNZIP into a directory of your choice. DO NOT unzip into your desktop because its path is hard to locate. I suggest that you create a directory " d: MySQL will be unzipped as " d: At anytime, we can check the status of the MySQL server using the following command:.

Double-click the installer to start and go through the usual installation process. After the successful installation, you will be provided a temporary password to login into MySQL server. The temporary password is not recoverable so make sure to copy and save it in the safe place. Consequently, we have to execute MySQL by specifying the full path to it in the terminal.

As the screen shows, currently, MySQL server is not running. You will then be prompted for a password. Enter the temporary password you copied at the time of installation and hit Enter. Once you are inside the terminal, change your password using the following command. Logoff and then login again for the changes to take effect. To verify the changes try running MySQL with without specifying the full path to it, as follows:. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Scroll down a little and you will be displayed download links like this: After the download finishes double-click to start the installer.

Step 1: Accepts Licence Agreement. Step 2: Select Setup Type. Welcome to the MySQL monitor.

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Your MySQL connection id is It is free to try and use but author encourages donations that can enhance the software. MYDB studio was released in It offers a handy collection of tools for MySQL server administration. Users can use it to create, edit and drop database objects. It has a simple Graphical User Interface which allows users to get used to it with ease. It is free but in order to get a free license, you need to register. HeidiSQL got released as a stable open-source tool in It offers tools such as editing data, browsing data and lets the user create the tables and modify them.

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It is very popular because of its portability, lightweight, and ease of use. More importantly, this tool is freeware, attracting various developers and database administrators. MySQL Workbench is a visual tool for database architects and developer. It offers administration tools for server configuration, user administration and much more. It is recommended for anyone who wants to master Database administration. It came out as a stable tool in October Sequel Pro is an open-source application that enables the user to build sites for free.

However, it is widely used by programmers and software developers as well.

Installing MySQL (Windows, Linux and Mac)

It is free but author encourages donation. Navicat offers decent features and options for database administrators and developers. It has a rich set of features and it is very responsive and innovative. Its been available since Database Master offers a large set of features and options that any database administrator would love to have. It does everything that is expected from the program.

It is used for creating, editing, and dropping database objects. It enables users to create and run queries inside a comfortable environment.