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It will not crash. Then after waiting a minute, start your internet connection again. Outlook will then sync. I repeatedly tried all the above suggestions without success until I did the following sequence. Restart Macbook 2. WiFi was on so Outlook will attempt to connect and synch 4. Select low res option in Outlook app 8. Thanks vadnart! Outlook works fair enough time without spinning wheel that I was able to export all my mails to OLM file. You start oulook, it gets the emails, you can use it.

Microsoft changes OS requirements for Office for Mac and Office for Mac - Office Support

You do something else, it is hang up, you have the nice wait wheel. It never comes back. You can stop force it to stop on right click in the app bar. You restart it, it gets the emails and same same. I get the best way to use it is to stop it each time you have used it and restart it, each time you want your emails.

About going to the apple mail app… it seems to do even less than outlook, but I guess one can program it. And there is no way that all my emails can stay on the imap server… and no use too to have those years of archive on imap. Reblogged this on saihaynes. This worked for me as well! Then re-open as normal. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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I tried everything on my macbook pro retina mid None of these tricks worked on my personal mac. On my work Mac, I am resorting to a time machine restore of Sorry, El Capitan, but This is ridiculous. Both MS and Apple have been aware of this issue since the beta…long before the gold master was issued.

I am stuck with Exchange Server for work, so it is the Outlook. Good thing my work machine will be restored in another 3 hours from Time Machine. Not so good….

Nothing but freezes every time MBPro. Any suggestion? Low Res worked for me as well — thankfully. And it worked — all my mails started coming in. Thanks for the tips Matt. I have tried every other suggestion in this lengthy thread without success.

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Your tips worked for about 10 minutes, but at least they worked! After that it works for me. How about Outlook The following suggestion is what worked for me…clicking on several different folders before sync finished. Then, went back to Inbox. Must have something to do with the sync. None of the other suggestions worked for me i. Thanks for the research on that! Click in Outlook to open. This worked for me. Outlook OS X El Capitan I made this mistake.

Outlook 11 is a side-by-side install. Outlook 10 remains installed. Do the low res option to save memory and cycles, and then open the BLUE icon. I think you might be incorrect about the O being blue. Mine is gold and i bought 11 and downloaded on a brand new I Mac and it is gold and everything about it says I cannot find a blue O in my office application. I think you might have it just backwards because even the people on here that are using are having the same problem as Outlook.

It looks like rebuilding the database is my solution. Low resolution mode and holding shift only worked for a short period. Mark, the first thing I tried was rebuilding the identity database.

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The problem persists. Let us know if it fixes the issue for you. I tried with hotspot on mobile to connect MacBook, but same case. Upgrading to Microsoft Office v Thanks for the tip Lew! Office Although I had to empty the cache to get new emails to update in my inbox. Its working! Microsoft has released some updated. After installing that update today i am not facing this issue. Anything else do i need to do to get the update working? MS Fixed! Microsoft has released the Microsoft Office for Mac Outlook crashes for me after Delete Main Identity folder and can open, but instant crash after re-setup of Exchange server.

Inbox: Updating server hangs without reporting any issue. Intalling I can get Office for Mac to work with an exchange server from time to time. But most of the time, I still get the spinning wheel hang. Restarting the macbook has worked from time to time. For me Had the hang up problem with none of home made fixes worked. Spotted Microsoft update My mac has been showing the spinning beach ball more since I updated to el capitan; not usually for more than 1 second. Also been using it less than usual….

For me, none of the above tricks worked. I had to reboot my Macbook overtime in order to access the Exchange e-mail server. Since that, the flywheel problem disappeared completely for me. I strongly recommend for anyone who is still plagued by this issue to do both updates. Installed the office update using the link above and I am back in business! No more pinwheel of death!! I try a lot of thing to succeed resolving this problem.. So i came here, and i read your posts.

I did the same thing of Michele, so i came on Applications. Have a good day. I have and older system and was getting very frustrated with the rainbow of death. Mac You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Der Flounder Seldom updated, occasionally insightful. Home About Contact.

Like this: Like Loading Comments Leave a comment. This one actually works……thanks a mil! Thanks John — worked for me :. Tze-Hong Tang.

Outlook 2011, OS X El Capitan and the Pinwheel of Patience

Thank you John F and srikant — back in action. Jackie Fuller. This worked perfectly for me. Keep shift down throughout the opening and closing of Outlook. Thanks Srikant…. Worked great for me…. Thank you!! Same here…. The shift trick worked. Holding down shift makes it work for about 10 seconds and then it locks up again. This worked for me.. Why does this work?

Very curious. This worked for me… Thanks. Thank you so much! What made you think of doing that? I have closed the application and opened it again. Working well. Thanks for the suggestion! It worked perfectly. Edgar Verburg. I solved the issue. Any way is working. Richard Benschop. My hero!!!!! Worked perfectly!

Thank you! Thanks, but does not work for me. Michele you are a real hero!! For now. Thank you. Cristhian Tomaduz. Michelle thanks!! Low resolutions is the key! I have solved the issue without downgrade. This solution worked for me. No beach ball for the past 45 minutes. Scratch that… after an hour, back to crashing. The low resolution workaround does not appear to work for me, unfortunately. Keith Whamond keithwhamond. Have you read Microsoft article? The Shift option worked for me on El Capitan. Good solution there. Thanks for sharing. Identity rebuilt, still freezing. This worked for me also.

I have MacBook Air and Outlook Tried shift workaround, option rebuild identity and nothing works! Any other suggestions? I have version I have other apps that hang as well. I will still continue to use Word, Excel etc as these seem to work with El Capitan. The open in low res option only appears if you have a retina display. Anthony Felix.

DrSpenny DrSpenny. Sergio Infante Montero. Try everything, nothing works! Restart Outlook and be patient — you are likely to see the the beachball BUT Outlook will sync with the server Normal service resumed! Hope it works for all of you! This did the job for me!!! Not sure what gives. I have also tried everything in the thread to no avail. Beach Ball of Death!! The Shift solution worked well. No, it worked only until I closed outlook. Paste Bin. None of the above works! Atif Cheema.

Outlook freeze also with imap. Error…restoring Thank you for the suggestion. It worked for 2 hours then I got the spinning wheel — Frustrating….. This worked for me — go into account settings and delete your password. Hugo, Thanks for the tip. It worked for about 10 minutes and then the Beachball of Death returned. Lew lewsmind. Updated to It worked perfect. I saved the general manager outlook!

TankX a lot! Cary Gersh. Thanks so much. Claudie Diers. Srikat provided the simplest solution that really work for me. Thank you very much. Gulamhussain Hassam. It works phew …. Filter 1. Best selling. All Auction Buy it now. Sort: Best Match. Best Match. Gallery view. Free postage. Installation is via Download. A: Yes, you can get support directly from Microsoft. Do I get a download link to the application?.

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How to fix five known issues affecting OS X El Capitan

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