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This suite is AIO pocket holding for better representation of your documents. It is sufficient and valuable for annoying the professional text where the protection becomes a wall between your privacy. It means you have no doubt it is secure data traveling software. First of all, the congesting features to make it perfect; it is a solution making tool. You can credit the documents, edit, annotate, protect and insert more watermarks while compressing the files in PDF to others easily.

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Note: Hold the Command key and click multliple comments to select them at the same time, then change the properties on the right-side. The changes will be applied to all the selected comments. If you need to add lots of comments, you can keep the tool selected to add continuously. In this way, you do not need to click the tool each time to add a comment. Clicking the "Comment" tab, then click the button on the left side to select the tool that you want to use continuously.

For example, if you have selected to keep the tool of "Text Box", then after clicking the "Text Box" tool, you can click the page to add text boxes continously without clicking the tool again. After opening a PDF file with the comments in it, please click the "Comment" button, then click the comment to select it. You can then press the Delete key to delete the comment, or click the Comment Panel on the left side, then click the comment, and press Delete key to delete.

As an alternative, Control-click on the comment to choose "Copy" and "Paste" as needed. However, they can be copied and pasted to different pages directly. Stamps Stamp annotations help indicate the status of PDF pages. There are some built-in stamps available in PDFelement 6 for Mac, and you can create your own signature or images as the stamps. Clicking the "Comment" button will enable more tools for use. Click the "Stamp" option, you can click a built-in stamp in the right-side panel to add in the PDF page where you need. Place the mouse cursor on one of the eight blue boxes on the edge of the stamp to allow for resizing through dragging in the direction needed.

Click the added stamp on the page, its properties will be opened on the right-side, you can change the color and opacity for it. You can create your signature or other images as the stamp to add in your PDF file. There are four types to create: Type, Image, Camera and Draw. Create from Typed Text: Use the keyboard to type the signature, choose the font, typeface, color and opacity as you want to create.

Create from Image: Browse an image from your computer to create that stamp, and use the red box that outlines it to crop the image size to create the stamp. Create from Camera: Make sure of the camera to take a photo, or even to import an image of your hand-written signature that you have signed on a piece of paper beforehand. Create from Mouse Draw: Click and hold your mouse to draw in the window.

Here you are able to set color, thickness, and opacity for your created stamp. Drawing The shape tools in PDFelement 6 for Mac help you create specific shapes, like an arrow, line, rectangle, or oval on the PDF page to illustrate your annotations. Here are the steps for using shape tools. Click the PDF page where you wish to add the shape and drag to draw an arrow or line.

Note: After adding all the shapes you want, hold the Command key to click all the shapes one by one. Then change the properties on the right-side, the changes will be applied to all the selected shapes at the same time, you do not need to change one by one. If you want to keep adding shapes continously, then you can click the "Keep Tool Selected" button on the left side to select the Shapes tool, then you can keep adding shapes without clicking the button again and again. The Pencil and Eraser tools allow you to draw free-form shapes or lines in the document, and revise them as needed.

Go to the "Comment" menu in the toolbar, select the "Pencil" tool. Click and drag the pointer on the PDF to create the image that you need. If modifications need to be made to the drawing after finalizing it, click on the "Eraser"tool to erase the section that needs adjustment.

Quick Guide for Mac

Fill in Forms There are two kinds of form files. Once is a PDF file with fillable fields, which enables you to fill the form directly by clicking the form fields without using other features. The other kind of form is a plain PDF file with lines and texts, which should be filled with the typewriter feature or create a fillable form in PDFelement.

This is called a Non-interactive PDF form.

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Click on the fillable fields or boxes to input text. Create Interactive Forms Manually PDFelement 6 for Mac provides a complete form toolkit with various form field options which are used to create specific field type. In order to create, please click the "Form" button first, and then click the following buttons below it to create. Text Field : Text filed is used for inputting information allowing for both alpha and numeric values to be included. Check Box : Check boxes allow for multiple selections to be chosen from a list of options given. Radio Button : Radio Buttons are also used for make selection, except for that only one selection is allowed to be checked.

Once one of the radio buttons is selected, the remaining buttons will turn to grey and be non-selectable. Dropdown : A Dropdown is used to supply a list that can be accessed by clicking on the downward facing arrow. Once the list has been expanded, a single item can be chosen from the list to fill in the specific field. List Box : List Boxes appear with a scroll bar and the list is able to be scrolled for selection by using the mouse. List Boxes appear with a scroll bar that allow to find a selection by scrolling through a pre-defined list with the mouse. If more than one option from the list is needed, just press the Command key while selecting.

Button : Buttons are used for triggering an action, such as submitting the form or resetting the form. Click the "Form" menu to expand form tools on the top toolbar. Select the "Text Field" icon to and then choose the location in the document that you need to add a text field element.

The text field will be labeled as "Text Field " by default. Double-clicking on the text field or click the "Show Field Properties" button on the right side panel to active the properties window which allows for modification. In the "General" tab you are able to alter the name of the field, and if you need to alter the boxes appearance that can be completed through the "Appearance" tab. The "Option" tab allows you to set the alignment mode for the text, and also add in a "Default Value" for the text box if you need. Selecting "Multi-line" or "Scroll long text" options will allow for multiple lines to be entered and also allow for a scroll option to be added to the text field allowing for extra visibility.

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Check the "Comb of characters" to build a comb filed which is meant for typing characters in independent boxes. You can define the character numbers. Please note that this option is incompatible with other options. Create a field for Password entry or file selection. Choose the actions and triggering mode for the text field in the "Actions" tab. To format the text field, select a format category from the "Format". To enable validation of a field you can click on the option in the "Validate" tab.

If the data in the text field is for calculation, check the calculation option and define the existing fields in which the data will be calculated by clicking the "Pick" button. This mean that when you input data in textfield2 and textfield1. If you need to create more than one text field, control-click on the text field that you have added and select the "Create Multiple Copies" option on the right side panel, choose the form copy amount and location as you need.

Note: You can hold the Command key, click all the text fields you want to select them at the same time, then control-click them to choose Properties, you can change the setting as you want. All the changes will be applied to the selected text fields at the same time. Under the "Form" tab, click the "Check Box" icon, and drag the mouse to the place that you require the check box.

Double-click on the check box, and define its name, appearance as needed. In the "Options" tab, you can pick the check box style and modify the export value. If you want to set a default value for the check box, choose the "Check box is checked by default" option. Choose the triggering actions for the check box in the "Action" tab. To add a radio button, select the radio button icon under the "Form" tab, click on the PDF page.

Double-click the radio button, and set the name and appearance for it in the "General" and "Appearance" tab. Select the button style under the "Options" tab, and here you can also define the radio button choice by entering the value. If you want all radio buttons checked when one button is selected, check the option of "Button with the same name and choice are selected in unison". Modify the actions for the radio button in the "Actions" tab. Under the "Form" tab, click the "Dropdown" icon. On the PDF page move your mouse curser to where you need to input the field. Double-click the field, type the name in the "General" window and modify the appearance in the "Appearance" window.

In the "Options" tab, add an item and enter an export value in the Export Value text box. Repeat this step until you have all of the items that you need listed. Check the "Sort items" option if you want all the items stored by alphabetical order. If you want to remove an item, select it and click the "Delete" button.

If you are looking to have the information submitted by the user, check the "Allow customer text input" option. Find the list box icon from the "Form" tab, click on the page to insert the list box. In the "Option" window, name the new item that you are including and then include an export value into the "Export Value" field. You can arrange the items by alphabetic order by clicking "Sort items". If you want the respondent to select multiple items, check the "Multiple selection" option. If multiple items are able to be chosen, select the "Multiple selection" option.

Create actions for the list box field in the "Action" window. Click the "Button" icon under the "Form" tab. Move your curser to the location in the PDF page and add the button by clicking on the chosen location. Double-click the button field, name it and modify the appearance. In the "Option" window, you can define the button layout. Choose your preferred icon from local folder and give it a label in the Labe text box, and then select the button layout as well as the behavior.

Customize the actions for the button field in the "Actions" window. If you have a non-interactive PDF form containing blank lines and tables, the document is not a fillable form and will not be useable. Form Alignment PDFelement 6 for Mac supports selecting multiple form fields, so you can align and distribute the form fields easily.

After opening the PDF file with the interactive forms, please click the "Form" button. Hold the Command key to click multiple fields to select them at the same time. Click the "Align" or "Distribute" options on the right side panel to align. Click the "Form" button, double-click one field, or choose the button of "Show Field Properties" on the right side panel. Here you will get several options on the right side to edit. Type in the number of fields that will be created and modify the overall size for those copies. Show Tab Numbers: After clicking this button, you will see the number order show on those fields according to the creation order.

This will open the properties modification window to allow for editing. Please note that this operation does not work for multiple form fields. After adding all the fields or boxes you want, please hold the Command key, then click all the fields and boxes you want one by one, they will be selected at the same time. Control-click them to choose Properties, you can change the common properties as you want. The changes will be applied to all the selected fiels and boxes, so you do not need to change their properties one by one. After changing one of the fields or boxes properties as you want, you can control-click it to choose the option of "Use Current Properties as New Defaults".

When you click the text field or check box button to add the same type of fields again, the newly added ones will have the same properties as you want. The batch process is an excellent tool to use if you have a form that has been filled in multiple times to collect different data, or if you have scanned PDFs that you need to extract data from the same areas. All the options for importing and exporting form data will be unavailable when you open other interactive PDFs or non-interactive forms.

The import and export data can only be Form Data Format. To remove the value that has been filled in the form fields, click the "Forms" button in Toolbar. Select one form field, go to the right side Pane and select "Clear Form" under the "Tasks" menu to remove the form data. Click the "Import Data" button and select the. Click "OK" to import data. Click the "Export Data" button under the "Other Task" menu on the right side. Set a destination folder to save the exported data as a.

After opening the program, please click the "PDF Templates" box to open our website. In our website, you can search the PDF templates by categories. Click the one you are interested in to download and save in your Mac. Then open it in our program to start to work with it. Choose "To Word" or another output format as needed. Click the "Options" tab on the right side panel to set the page range or other settings for the output format file.

The settings will be different depending on the output format that is chosen. After setting, click the "Convert" button and choose the output folder where you want to save the file, and start the process. Fetching and delivering fast changing web content, such as blogs, news and social media, for analytic companies and search engines.

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